vogue and coffee


Who doen’ t want a clean and neat wardrobe? 

As style comes from your wardrobe, I will soon re-organise mine for autumn/winter!!! I usually clean my closet every 2 weeks, but twice a year I do major changes, such as giving away clothes,buying new boxes to put accessories, changing the order my clothes are hung etc…

Part 1

According to me, in order to organise your clothes, you have to follow these  steps:

  1.  Take all of your clothes out of your closet and create piles (you can hang or leave them on your bed) by category (for your pants/jeans, your skirts, your tops, your dresses, your coats and your jackets).
  2. Look at your clothes carefully and distinguish those you don’ t like anymore or you can’ t match them. Create a new pile.
  3. Find the clothes you haven’t worn for a long time, because you didn’t fit in and try them on. If they don’ t fit, toss them!!!
  4.  Focus on the rest of your clothes. Try all of them on and see how you can mix and match them. Be carefull not to destroy the piles after trying on the clothes. While doing that, search for stains you hadn’ t seen before! Create a pile of dirty clothes.
  5. Now, look at the clothes you didn’ t like (from step 2). Do you believe that you can wear something again? If you can, put them back to the right pile.
  6. After you have cleaned the closet properly, hang your dresses, tops, blouses , shirts, coats, jackets and/or jeans and pants according to their color and don’t forget to put them by category, as the piles!!! Fold your casual t-shirts, tops and knitwear. I hang my activewear altogether on the end of my closet.
  7. Enjoy!!!

You can put scented sachets and paper sheets in your closet and shelves.

You can give the clothes you tossed to people in need. 

I’ll do another post about accessories, jewellery and make-up products.